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  1. My Bash Prompt

    Bash Prompt Example

    I recently updated my Bash prompt. It started because I wanted to incorporate git status information into the prompt. But once I got that working it turned out I didn't really like it so I ditched it but kept the other stuff I did.

    Here's the relevant portion from my …

  2. Cloudflare Dynamic DNS Updater

    #!/usr/bin/env python
    import argparse                                                                                                       
    import CloudFlare                                          
    import logging                                             
    import requests
    def public_ip(service=''):                                                                           
        Get the apparent public IP of this computer. This does not imply that the
        necessary network configurations are in place to allow public access.
        Raises Exceptions for anything but a 200 …
  3. SSH Daemon on Alternate Ports

    There comes a time in every sysadmin's life where they need to run SSH on an alternate port. Should be as simple as adding multiple Port <number> directives to /etc/sshd/config and issuing a restart to the daemon.

    Except SELinux, as usual, finds a way to rain on the …

  4. Deduplication and You

    I was doing some backups and realized my photos, which I keep in Dropbox (sue me) were taking up about 50G. I knew there had to be a lot of duplicates but searching for them through 50G of files would be tedious. This seemed like a task that should be …

  5. Encryption with a Funky Partition Layout

    I recently ran into some trouble with the system while mucking around and decided to take the opportunity to restructure my partitioning layout and do a full OS reinstall; this time with full disk encryption (except /boot). Suffice it to say, the Fedora installer is fairly flexible, but not nearly …

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